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What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is essential to the effectiveness of CBD: along with other cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, etc.) and terpenes, CBD is much more effective. This is why, on Hexagon Vert, we offer products containing extractions in full spectrum with the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are classes of hydrocarbons produced by plants. They have two fundamental properties: they are responsible for the aroma that protects the plants and humans thanks to their many benefits. Limonene, for example, is responsible for the citrusy taste and myrcene which is also found in pine

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Is CBD made from industrial hemp or marijuana?

In simple terms, hemp is a variety of cannabis devoid of psychoactive effect, (THC level <0.3%). Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa L. used for its textile properties, food, cosmetics, etc. … It has the particularity of containing levels of cannabinoids such as CBD and other non-psychoactive secondary cannabinoids. Marijuana is a cannabis strain containing THC> 1%.

We invite you to visit our page Hemp & CBD to discover the various ancestral uses of hemp in France.

Is CBD legal in France?

The CBD offered on Hexagon Vert is derived from European hemp containing no more than 0.2% of THC, as stipulated by the French legislation.

Does CBD cause psychotropic effects?

CBD does not cause any psychotropic effects unlike THC which, above 0.2%, is banned in France. This is why it can be used freely without any risk.

Does CBD interfere with other products?

All CBDs should be taken 2 hours before or after any other dietary supplement. Indeed, CBD can inhibit the effect of drugs if taken at the same time, and even make them stronger at a later stage. At present, little drug interference has been reported for CBD.

If you are on medical treatment, consult your doctor before using CBD.

Does CBD cause side effects?

CBD has very few side effects and is considered a safe substance. The reported adverse effects observed after heavy consumption:

• Dry mouth

• Decreased blood pressure

• Drowsiness

• Dizziness

• Decreased activity of p-glycoprotein

• Increased tremor in some Parkinson patients

Is CBD addictive?

CBD does not create any physical or psychological addiction or dependency. Once the homeostasis of the body is regulated, the system is more balanced for improved daily functioning.

Does CBD smell of cannabis?

None of the products available on Hexagon Green have any scent of cannabis.

How can we consume CBD?

• Ingested: CBD Oil, CBD Capsules or CBD Crystals

• Spray: E-liquid of CBD, CBD Crystals

• As a skin application: CBD creams, CBD balm.

• Dabbed: CBD Crystals

How to know the right dose of CBD to take?

It is difficult to propose a dosage adapted to each one. Studies are still numerous on this subject.

CBD treatments used by doctors in the different countries are calculated according to the body weight of the person concerned.

We recommend starting with low intakes and to increase the doses as you go along based on the results obtained. Please note that this is not medical advice and we recommend that you always consult your doctor before taking any CBD. You can also follow the protocol here:

Is the Hexagone Vert web site secure?

Yes, our site is hosted by one of the best hosting platforms for securing data: 1 & 1 France. All our data is SSL encrypted.

Are online payments with Green Hexagon secured?

Yes, our online payment provider Klik and Pay, recognized French provider, allows us to provide a secure online payment platform via 3D-SECURE.

Why do you send parcels from the Czech Republic?

Hexagone Vert is a French company created in 2016, who is now using the shipping premises of CBDMED France to meet the current growing demand. But our customer service is mainly located in France, ready to answer your questions in the best way. We deliver your goods in 48 Hours hand to hand, all over Europe, with a recognized and efficient provider: FEDEX.